Okie Construction & Welding LLC is a pipeline contractor with an emphasis on constructing natural gas lines. Owner Dusty Mayfield began the business in 2012 and has maintained the focus on safety and top-quality work. These values have helped the company have success growing our portfolio of clientele and projects. 

Core Values

1. Safety: 

Our top priority is to get our employee's home safely. We strive to promote an accident free workplace. 

We commit to: 

-Designate the necessary time and resources for effective safety management

-Earmark time for employees to know the company's health & safety policies

-Make certain that every employee recognizes they are responsible for their own safety as well as those trusted to their care

-Audit health and safety performance

-Require that every employee abide by our health and safety policies 

2. Top-Quality Work:

We strive to meet every deadline set forth, keeping safety in the forefront. Our goal is to be as efficient and effective as possible.

We Commit to: 

-Devote time to new employees showing them how to do things the proper way

-Educate new employees on the correct processes and procedures

-Make certain that every employee has the necessary knowledge to get the job done right

-Require that employees follow the correct steps so that the project schedule flows appropriately